Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dog Rape

It's an issue that doesn't get the attention it deserves. Most of us are unaware of the staggering statistics: every six seconds in America, a dog is raped. Typically, it's by a playmate or an acquaintance.

To shed light on this little-known subject, the following material is explicit, and not for the queasy. I implore you to continue, as knowledge is the first step in a long road to prevention. The images you will see here will be brutal and candid. They were captured from a nanny-cam installed after the victim first showed signs of a traumatic experience. Please be advised: they are graphic in nature.

Stage 1

The Ruse

Randal and Neva are playmates. They share a house, food, toys, and the affection of their owners. It is not unusual for horseplay to occur on an hourly basis...but this time something didn't feel right. Things got a little too rough for Randal "The Vandal" and he asked Neva to stop. No means no, but under the guise of "just fooling around" Neva took her position on top of him, pinning the 65 lb. lab/husky mix down to the ground with her massive 25 lb. beagle/husky frame. Randal is now feeling uncomfortable knowing that Neva is only pretending not to notice his objections and continues to straddle his quivering body.

Stage 2

The Trap

It has become painfully obvious to Randal that Neva is no longer playing, but instead preying. He struggles against her steel trap fore-legs that grasp him tightly about the haunches, but his lankiness is no match for her quick, fox-like agility. As she begins to steady her mount, Randal intensifies his frantic attempt to shake her off. She is not phased and begins what is known in dog slang as "humping". It at this moment that Randal begins his decent into terror and humiliation.

Stage 3

The Threat

Perhaps the indignation from being overpowered in his own house by his best friend offered the right amount of adrenaline to finally break free of her furry confines. Or perhaps it was the shame stemming from the stigma of being victimized by a female of such small stature that fueled the escape...we may never know for sure.

Neva quickly retaliates by reasserting her dominance. Her growl is deep, now foreign. Randal looks into her eyes and sees that Neva is no longer the dog he knows. The cold eyes of a serial rapist glare back, lascivious burning mixed with anger prominently displayed above rows of sharp teeth glistening with salacious salivation. Randal instantly feels his stomach sink and his heart pound. He prepares to defend himself by slightly bending his knees in a fight-or-flight stance.

Stage 4

Innocence Lost

She analyzes his weakness and strikes again. By this time, she has worn down his energy and has no trouble resuming where she left off. Randal continues to struggle, albeit weakly, reminding himself in his mind that he is a man and he is powerful. Neva disagrees with her undulating hips. She is cold and seems almost as though she were in a trance during her unwavering robotic motions. She occasionally responds to his cries with a nip or a chomp to the neck. He tries his last defense of walking around in circles, but her turn radius is smaller and she is very adept at clinging steadfastly throughout his mad thrashings.

Stage 5


It's a sad fact, but Randal has begun to accept his fate. He gives in with the hope that it will end faster if he does not fight back. His face is shoved into his bed. Formerly and affectionately known as "Mr. Puffy", he is now the scene of the brutal attack and will never be the same lazy snoozing spot he once was, but will soon instead conjure up images of yipping and gnashing that will wake his occupant amidst cold sweats.

Randal takes himself to a happy place in his mind. There he is content, playing with 'Duckie' and 'Squirrel' in the yard with Mommie. Back in the yard before there was an evil Neva...before he was a victim.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Neva pumps away like an oil rig. She no longer hears the whimpering and the cries. She is less outwardly threatening, just stoic and poised. No longer needing to bite Randal in order to keep him still, she basks in the glory of her conquest.

Stage 6

The Finale

If Randal could look back at his tormentor, he would see the red, fiery eyes of the Devil. He opts to look out the window and pretend that he is outside and free from his debaucher.
Neva quickens her pace. She is propelled by a force that she can not resist. A slave to the demon, she keeps on without interruption. A maniacal smile slithers onto her face. This will not be forgotten. It will haunt his dreams for years to come. It will take days before he can pull his tail out from under his legs and cease to skulk around, weary from looking over his shoulder. She knows this and she accepts it with an unsettling vigor.

When she's had her way with him, she dismounts casually and slinks off. Most likely to snicker at his effeminate surrender.

Stage 7
Illusive Redemption

A shallow husk of his former robust, radiant personality, Randal tries humping his own Mr. Puffy to gain back his self respect. He secretly imagines Neva at the business end of his rage while she quietly ignores him and enjoys a Waggin' Tail chewy across the room.
It happens time and time again in homes here in our great nation. Innocents are raped and left to wallow in the aftertaste of trauma and terror laden flashbacks.

In Conclusion...

Thank you for raising the courage to empathize with Randal's plight as it echoes the urgency of millions of exploited dogs around the country. The first step is learning in this crusade. In order to discontinue this heinous practice, we must be aware and ever vigilant. Keep in mind how benign she appears and do not be fooled into inaction with your own pets. An open mind and a keen eye are the ultimate tools for combating this depraved act.

Paid for by the Dog Rape Prevention Commission