Wednesday, September 07, 2016

White Woman's Burden

Self-employed to avoid seeing my credit destroyed
But my transmission needs a technician to put her into remission
So the decision is given on the condition the acquisition of taxes
be evacuated and my W9 allocation eradicated
Unplanned but three grand quickly turns into cash-in-hand
And I had just brand a piece of land, you understand?
Now shit's getting tighter than your sisters before rough riders
No pedicures, no obscure liqueur, no couture, register your check with your creditor
I assure, the allure in the brochure for breadwinner is non-sequitur

Wear and tear got zephyr in my underwear
IRS don't care
Gotta snare coupons just to cut my hair
IRS don't care
Price compare to save on bus fare
IRS don't care

Well now I'm moved but my mood's not improved as my ego is bruised
Get a post office paper makes me a most nauseous neighbor
911 mapping got me done spun and gasping, undone my signed wrapping
of address changing madness ranging from AmEx and 401K to IRS and Lincoln National Corporation
New driver's license in the box now is this rider's crisis walks in how priceless these cocks been
Exam time off requested bye bye to vacation vested damn jerk-offs got my patience tested
DMV lines are packed with mouth-breathing jaws slacked and chimes say the wait times capped
Sorry, bro, you need utilities to show you pay the bills at that address though
What? The utilities can't find the old one, even thought my facilities might be stolen
Well while you remedy that, clear the isle, no clemency here, scat

Address is broken insurin' my accounts are frozen
Post Office don't care
Back taxes are defaulting and my groceries are halting
Post Office don't care
New ID I just got was all for naught
Post Office don't care